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Dickinson, TX

For 20 years, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity has been building up neighborhoods in Dickinson,TX through new construction and home rehabilitation projects. These projects began in 1991 when a group of local churches decided to take on the Habitat for Humanity mission in their community. Realizing the need for affordable housing, leaders from the churches came together with a solution, and began constructing new homes for local families living in housing crises. The church congregations supplied the funding and volunteers needed to build at least one house per year. As BAHFH began to grow, so did its community partnerships. Local businesses and individuals began to join in on the effort to bring resident needy families out of poverty and into better lives. Now, 20 years later, BAHFH and its partners have helped many families in Dickinson achieve their dream of homeownership and offered them hope for a better future, one free of the horrors of deplorable housing.

Our time in Dickinson has been extraordinary. The families we have worked with and the support we have received from members of the local community have been wonderful. After 20 years of partnering with Dickinson, building new homes and transforming old ones, we have decidedly left this area in a better place than when we found it. Beginning in January 2013, we moved on for a time to tackle new housing challenges in other cities our affiliate serves. Though we are focusing our main efforts elsewhere, our ties to Dickinson remain strong. Our office location will remain in Dickinson and we will continue to support and work with our Dickinson families, business partners, volunteers and other community connections.