September 29th, 2017

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity (BAHFH) realized the need even prior to Hurricane Harvey, for assisting low income homeowners in addressing critical home repairs. We have secured some limited funding and want to reach out to the communities we serve and do what we can to help with this problem. We define critical home repairs as issues that are vital and necessary to fix to ensure the home occupants safety and/or health. This list can include many issues but BAHFH will start with the following (on a case by case basis); exterior doors, siding, roofing, HVAC, windows, and hot water heaters. We will not be doing repairs inside beltway 8 or in another affiliate’s service area. Please click on here critical home repairs for the application and additional information.


Hammers and Shovels Flying at the National Women Build day!

May 14th, 2012

Leticia Garza, the prospective homeowner of the Women Build House on 517 N 3th St. in La Porte, TX wrote: “Exciting, Motivating, and Rewarding are the words that come to mind when I think about becoming a Habitat homeowner. Home ownership is hard for a family who brings in two incomes, let alone one. Picture being a single mom of 3 kids! All I want is to provide a stable and safe environment for my kids, a place we can call home.”

On May 5, 2012, the Women Build Team from Air Products and several women from other WB teams participated in a build day as part of a National Women Build Event week project. We were doing our best to help make Leticia’s dreams a reality. Teams drove hundreds of nails in to the decking on the roof and secured hurricane clips on the Garza home. 
Leticia and her dad sweated side by side along with a team of landscapers as wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of sand was moved to help smooth the ruts in April Lee’s yard.  Hard ground gave way to the efforts of one team as they dug a giant hole to make room for a large oak tree.

Air Products generously sponsored lunch for all participants. Women Build participant and Air Products employee, Gabriela Whiteside coordinated the arrangements for the 30 or so builders on the worksite. It truly takes a village to raise a Habitat for Humanity Home.

Thanks to all who pitched in!

Thrivent Build Wall Raising 9/18/10

September 21st, 2010

What a great day at the worksite! We had around 50 volunteers working on 3 houses, 2 sheds, and 2 playhouses. Our volunteers worked quickly and with great care. Through their efforts, many projects were completed. The homeowners for all 3 of the houses were present and working hard! One of the greatest accomplishments of the day (and the main reason for this blog post): Thrivent Build Recipient Jackie Burns, and her family, were there to help build, and witness the raising of, all four of their home’s exterior walls!! Oh, what a feeling!…A big thank you to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for partnering with Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, and funding Jackie’s home! Also, thank you to Hope Lutheran Church, St. Bernadette’s Church, and all of the amazing volunteers who came out to work. You all are truly a blessing to one another, to this community, and to Bay Area Habitat for Humanity. Peace, Love and Hope.

To see more pictures from the day, click on the picture above. It will link you to our Picasa photo album. Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page: “Bay Area Habitat for Humanity”, and our website: