Changing the World One Woman at a Time

June 3rd, 2013

Every year, Habitat for Humanity and our partner Lowe’s sponsors an event called Women Build. Since the program started in 1991, Women Build has already built more than 1,600 houses within the US and in dozens of other countries. Women Build teams typically build more than 200 Habitat for Humanity homes per year.


                Although 50 percent of the volunteer force for the Habitat for Humanity are women, many of them lack the training or skills to be on the construction site. As a result only 15 percent of the volunteers on construction sites are women. With Women Build, Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s train women with the skills necessary to be active on the construction sites and care for their own homes. It has proven to be an empowering build for women across the globe. For example, in India women were seen building homes for Habitat for Humanity and inspired local women to be independent, innovative, and to learn about ways to help their community as well and break free of the cultural stereotypes of women, capturing the true meaning of Women Build. (Jordan, P. (2010, March 12). Changing Perceptions. Retrieved June 3, 2013 from,


                On April 21, 2013, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity began its fifth annual Women Build project with a 5k walk/run with 250 men and women participating. Through this amazing effort, they raised $45,000. For the next 12 Saturdays, 370 women and 170 men worked to build a home for Dionne Kelly. The construction rate reached an all-time high during National Women Build Week, May 4-11, 2013. During National Women Build Week, 55 women volunteered and worked hard to make the dream house a reality for Dionne. Dionne is a single mother of two children, Tristen who is seven and Ahrianna who is four. She is the supervisor for the patient advocacy department at a medical building company and lived in a two bedroom apartment with her son and daughter before the Habitat for Humanity home. The house that she partnered with us to work for has not only given her the opportunity to learn about construction and how to upkeep her own home but also the opportunity to put her earnings into an investment for her children. As a single mom, she wants to offer something to her children if something were to happen to her.


                Seventy-nine percent of the recipients for Bay Area Habitat homes are single moms. Over the past five years every Women Build house has gone to a single mother. These statistics stress how important Women Build is to educate women in the basic techniques of construction so they can learn to care for themselves and their children through a well-kept home. The program has a promising future as it continues to assist and educate women about eliminating local low-income housing and poverty housing to better communities.

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January 8th, 2013

Save the Date for the 2013 Women Build

5K Walk/Run APRIL 21, 2013 at 3:00PM

2700 Bay Area Blvd. Houston, TX 77058 – Bayou Bldg. Parking Lot

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The Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project encourages women from our community to become advocates for Habitat by engaging them in the entire home building process, from fundraising, to building the structure, and becoming a blessing to a family in need! Each spring, the Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project actively engages a diverse group of more than 600 community members through its 5K Walk and build.

The Women Build 5K Walk Women Build, women buildingis our affiliate’s largest fundraiser of the year. Through this fun, high-profile event, we are able to reach a different audience than we normally have access to. Most of the walkers advocate and fundraise for the event using a social media site designed with non-profit fundraising in mind. They are able to reach friends, family, and other supporters from all over the world, and offer them the opportunity to become involved in the Women Build Project. They are our greatest advocates of the Women Build. We also offer local businesses the opportunity to promote their name at our walk. We found this to be an enticing marketing tool that allows us to include even more women from our community in the project. Our Women Build Project unites our organization by involving staff, volunteers, donors, Partner Families, and new walkers in the planning and implementation of the entire project. New walkers are cultivated to become long-term partners with Bay Area Habitat for Humanity. Our volunteers, staff and Partner Families are passionate about informing new walkers and volunteers about the mission of Habitat and the importance of Women Build. Many of our Partner Families are involved in the Women Build Walk, from manning tables to walking alongside the other participants, offering everyone (homeowners and walkers alike) the chance to share their stories about how Habitat has affected their lives.

Currently, 12 million U.S. children (1 in 6) live in poverty, which is a severe threat to their health, growth and potential.

Women are a powerful social and economic force with the means to both fund and construct homes where children can flourish. Women-built projects provide an opportunity for women to learn new skills, participate in team-building activities and make a lasting difference for children and families in the fight against poverty housing.

Reggae music and 65 foot slip n slide…Where were you?

April 30th, 2012

On October 22, 2011 Bay Area Habitat, the Hamlin family and many Aerospace companies teamed up to celebrate community and kick off the Build for the Hamlin family home, at the first annual Aerospace Games! It was a day of celebration and outrageous competitions. Spectators settled in with drinks and BBQ to cheer and jeer messy games of Egg Toss, a vicious Tug of War battle, showy sand volleyball tournament and the challenging, yet hilarious mile-long obstacle race in which competitors had to overcome a 65 foot slip n slide, haybells, NASA trivia, Kayak race and 30ft moon bounce! The day finished off with live Reggae music from Houston’s local band, D.R.U.M and the award ceremony for the winning teams, NASA and Boeing.

Can’t wait for next year! Read more about the Games in the Bay Area Citizen.