Ashley Finister Family

September 6th, 2013

Ashley Finister is a Galveston county native and a mother to her 3 year old son Everton. Ashley learned about Habitat from her older sister, Ruby, who just recently purchased her new home through Habitat this past year. Ashley says she was “at a loss for words” when she was told she was accepted into the Habitat program. Her surprise and gratefulness is evident in her first meeting at Habitat for Humanity as she seems in awe of the opportunity to own her own home. Ashley currently lives in a one bedroom apartment in Houston where she shares a room with her son. The complex is not a safe haven for children as there is consistent foot and car traffic outside her front door that would put Everton in harm’s way. As a result, she explains that her son rides his bike in circles in the family room when he needs to get his toddler energy out. Ashley considers the Habitat program a dream come true for her and her son as they will finally be able to live comfortably in a brand new house that she helps to build.

Kristina Alvarez Family

September 6th, 2013

After receiving the news, Kristina was both excited and shocked. She was beginning to lose hope of finding an affordable home after years of bouncing around in various small, expensive, and bug ridden apartments. “I was tired of renting things that would never be mine,” states Kristina, “It’s difficult and tiring to have to move all of the time.” It was then that she heard about Habitat for Humanity, applied, and is now accepted! As a mother of two children, Miranda who is five and Kaylie who is two, Kristina is proud to be able to provide her children a more stable environment with a home of their own. She is ecstatic that her children no longer have to worry about moving every year or six months when the lease on the apartment ends. Kristina currently has two jobs. She works at Clear Lake Regional Hospital as a PBX Operator and as a Director for Champions. Working night shifts is a common occurrence so she often leaves her kids to stay with her mother. When she works during the day Miranda and Kaylie are at Daycare. With her new home on the way Kristina is looking forward to having a clean, safe environment for her kids to play in. Most of all, Kristina says, “I am so happy to have a permanent place to live that I can call my own.”

Kelley Family

September 6th, 2013

Dionne is a mother of two, a boy Tristen age 7 and a girl Ahrianna 4. She is currently employed as a supervisor at a medical billing company. Dionne became aware of Habitat for Humanity through the mail. She researched the requirements, made application and was approved for housing in September 2012. She noted the “sweat equity” process was rewarding as well as a real learning process. I learned to paint, use a nail gun and many other maintenance items. The “sweat equity” process will also help me in maintaining my new home.
Thanks to all that helped me and my family.

Ramirez Family

September 6th, 2013

Millisa Ramirez is a single mother of two girls, Samantha and Christian. Melissa has unfortunately suffered a great obstacle in her life. Three years ago; Melissa was diagnosed with chronic characinoid tumors in her stomach. This illness has left her unable to work and provide for her family. Living on so little, the Ramirez family was forced to move in with Melissa’s parents who currently live just blocks from where her new Habitat home is being built. Affordable homeownership will finally provide a stable environment for Melissa to raise her two daughters. When the Ramirez family moves into their new Habitat home, built by the loving hands of the Apostles volunteers, they can settle down comfortably, and start focusing on their future!

Elizardo Family

May 23rd, 2012

Joe and Betty Elizardo are a cheerful hard-working couple that never thought they would achieve homeownership! That was until they applied to Habitat. Now they will have a home that they can settle into for retirement one day. They are already planning a neighborhood barbeque on their front lawn with friends and family to celebrate when they move into their new home this fall, 2012!

Rene Family

May 15th, 2012

Before moving into their Habitat home, Margarita Rene and her two boys lived in a small apartment located in La Porte for over 20 years. The one-bedroom apartment had constant moisture leaks that grew mold, which caused John, her oldest son to develop horrible allergies. In addition to that, foundation issues left the structure deteriorating and large cracks in the wall. However, the Rene family stuck it out because they couldn’t find an affordable alternative. Today the Rene Family lives in a three-bedroom Habitat home in La Porte, a community they have known for years where they are already well acquainted with neighbors.

Perrett Family

May 15th, 2012

The Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas will be partnering with the Amie Perrett family to build their home in Dickinson. Amie Perrett is a single mother with 2 sons, Mariano Rubio , age 11, and Ethan Olvera-Perrett, age 4, who is employed as a secretary with the City of Galveston. The family lost everything when her apartment was flooded during Hurricane Ike. Currently the family is living in an apartment in a high crime area. The Highland Park Presbyterian Church specifically requested this house be built for a family who was severely impacted by Hurricane Ike.

Garza Family

April 24th, 2012

This is what Leticia Garza, single mother of three had to say about moving into her new Habitat for Humanity home. “I will finally have a stable and safe house with a quiet neighborhood to raise my kids. Habitat will allow me to become a homeowner at a reasonable and affordable price that I should be able to afford to send my kids off to college, so they can grow and be productive citizens. We will have a house we can make our Home. We are also looking forward to hosting neighborhood and family gatherings such as dinners & BBQ’s!”

Diaz Family

May 23rd, 2011

Jose Diaz a proud father of three, loyal husband and hard-working employee of Dickinson ISD, was struggling to provide for his family. Before moving into a Habitat home, Jose commuted three hours to work each day and worked tirelessly, but never had income to save. Now the Diaz family lives right in the heart of Dickinson and their home is located just 5 short minutes Jose’s work. In addition, the affordable monthly mortgage payment will allow the family to save for their future, and for important things such as healthcare for their children.

April Lee Family

May 23rd, 2011

April Lee is a strong, single mother of two wonderful children. April was accustomed to doing everything on her own, never asking for anything in return. Here is what one friend had to say about April Lee, “April is an independent women and a very hard worker, always pushing herself to perform above and beyond. Being a single mother, she has learned to do without, always putting her children first. ” The BAHFH team and April’s parents could not be more proud of what April Lee has provided for her family through Habitat homeownership.