Hall Family

May 15th, 2011

Betty Hall is a single mother of two, Aaron,12 and Mitchell, 17. A few years back, when Betty’s father-in-Law began to struggle with some health issues, she graciously took him into their home. When Betty isn’t working hard as a Home Healthcare Officer, she is taking care of her family. Betty Hall is known for her strong family values, which are instilled in her children as well.

The Ortiz & Hamlin Families

May 15th, 2010

Three years ago, Francisco & Obdulia Ortiz’s League Cityhome was destroyed by a house fire – all that remained was a shed structure at the rear of the property. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire; however, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, along with their children, now had no where to live. While living in a small apartment, the Ortiz family applied for a Bay Area Habitat for Humanity home, and they were accepted. In September 2009, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz moved into their new Habitat home in Dickinson,Texas.

Today, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz’s daughter, Maria, and her family live in the remaining structure on the family’s League City property. While they are grateful to have a roof over their heads, Kevin, Maria, and their 5 children, are cramped and uncomfortable in the one bedroom, one bathroom structure. Four of their children sleep together on a single bunk bed, while Kevin, Maria and their youngest son sleep on the sofa in the living area. The house lacks structural integrity; therefore, when a bad weather is predicted, the family must vacate for their safety. Kevin and Maria wish for a better home to raise their family, but are torn when it comes to leaving the family property that they love. With help and advice from Maria’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, the Hamlin family also applied for a Habitat home – and they were accepted into the program in July of 2011.

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity will complete a 5-bedroom home for the Hamlin family April 2012. Kevin, Maria, and their children could not be more excited. When asked how she felt about getting a new house, Alexis, the Hamlin’s 7-year old daughter, responded, “I’m so excited about getting my pink room! My brothers will not be allowed.”

Gilmore Family

April 24th, 2010

Tiffany is the single mother of three who is buying the house through lots of sweat equity and a no-interest mortgage that will actually help fund the next Habitat House. She moved here a couple of years ago from Shreveport, LA to try and give her children a better life, and she’s so excited to be putting them in a home of their own.  Tiffany’s mother and grandmother moved as well so they could stay close to everyone.  The kids are 16, 12 and 10 with the middle child being the girl, “The other mother” in the family as Tiffany calls her. Can’t you just see the new life beginning to take shape for Tiffany and her children?  Theirs is just one story.  There are 74 more like them due to Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, and over 300,000 around the world thanks to Habitat International.

Arrona Family

April 24th, 2010

In March, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity called Salvador to let him know that the Arrona family had been approved for a wheelchair accessible home to be built inLa Porte,Texas. Deborah and Aria happened to be in the room when this phone call (that they had all been waiting for) was received. They could tell by the look onSalvador’s face that it was good news. thed a huge sigh of relief, as their lifelong dream, since they’ve Once Salvador confirmed what Deborah was thinking, everyone screamed with great joy!Salvador danced with Aria in her wheelchair, and Deborah started calling, texting and emailing everyone she could think of to share the good news. After the celebration,Salvadorand Deborah hugged each other and breabeen married, was finally becoming a reality.

Aria, as a result of a micro-preemie birth, lives with spastic cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment, epilepsy, and is fed through a feeding tube – just to name a few. Her multiple special needs require the use of durable medical equipment (such as a wheelchair, stander, and suction machine) and supplies (such as syringes, formula, and diapers) for her care. All of these items take up a lot of space in the family apartment, leaving little room for Aria to get around in her wheelchair. For access to the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, Aria must be carried because her wheelchair will not fit through the small hallways and door openings. This will become more difficult as Aria becomes older and larger. The sidewalks at the family’s apartment complex are not wheelchair friendly, and Aria’s wheelchair can barely fit through the entry way. Other issues their apartment has are persistent plumbing problems, drafts from the bedroom windows, and water damage caused by Hurricane Ike that has yet to be corrected. Having a brand new, wheelchair accessible home will eliminate and improve all of these issues.

Salvadorand Deborah honestly believe that only good and positive changes can come from moving into their new Habitat home. Their new home will provide more space, security, stability and independence for Aria and the multiple special needs she lives with daily.

Falcone Family

May 15th, 2009

Judy Falcone, her daughter Jessica and son EJ were living in a small one bedroom 900 Sq. ft. apartment. Today the Falcone’s are very grateful for their Habitat home where they can have more room, and something to call their own. This is what her employer had to say of Judy, “I have known Judy for almost 10 years now. she is a loving, kind, and responsible individual. She is a very thoughtful and selfless, she would do anything to help. She has worked very hard to become self sufficient. She is a loyal friend and a loyal employee.” With the determination she adopted from her mother, today Jessica Falcone (19) is enrolled at San Jac College, well on her way to a brighter future.

Reiley Family

May 15th, 2009

Regina Reiley, a single mother lived in a garage apartment inLa Porte, before moving into her Habitat for Humanity home. The apartment was infested with black mold and termites. “ I will finally be able to say I can go home, and it will not be someone else’s house I am paying monthly rent to. Today Regina Reiley remains active with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering frequently at the La Porte Habitat worksite and attending functions.

Vierra Family

May 15th, 2009

Pedro and Cassandra Viera are a hardworking family with three young children Pedro Jr., 5; Johnathan, 3 and Sariah 8 months. Pedro became aUSCitizen on October 24. Pedro has worked in construction for 12 years and Cassandra is a home maker. When asked why they wanted a Habitat home, Cassandra said “we wanted our children to have space to play and separate rooms for our sons and daughter.” She continued saying “we will be paying for our own home, and not just paying rent”. The Viera’s have been on the build site virtually every weekend since learning about their new home taking part in every part of the building process.

A. Marshall Family

May 15th, 2009

Angela is a hard-working, stable mother of a 16 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. While we try not to share confidential information, one of the reasons a family is chosen to become a Habitat partner is need. Angela’s family lives in a tiny 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom garage apartment. The daughter has the bedroom. The mother and son sleep on a futon in the living room. Due to gaping windows and improperly installed ac window units, there are problems with water and bugs getting in. Angela is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting through University of Phoenix’s online program. She anticipates completing the program in March 2011. Angela has been volunteering with us since October and her 12 year old son volunteers afternoons at a local program to help earn the family’s sweat equity. Her daughter babysits the son when Angela works at our build site.

Taylor Family

April 24th, 2009

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity “Spring Church Build” participants are partnering with the Chanda Taylor family to build their home in Dickinson. Fourteen area churches are funding and building the home and framing began the 1st week of February. Chanda is a single mother of 4 children, Devon (age 17), Audrie (age 11), Emery (age 6), and Caleb (age 2).  Chanda works full-time as a cafeteria manager for Dickinson Independent School District.  Her son, Devon, is a senior in high school and he works at the Kemah Boardwalk. The family lives in an unsafe apartment complex where drug dealers openly operate.  Chanda does not allow her children to play outside and is looking forward to owning a home with a backyard for her children.   

R. Marshall Family

April 24th, 2009

“My children will be safe and their future secure” a tearful Rebecca said when asked what her new home means to her. Rebecca’s son Chad  has Cerebral Palsy, and sporatic seizures. Since moving into their Habitat home back in the fall of 2009, Chad has not experience any seizures.