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Our Impact

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity conducted an impact study that evaluated the psychological, social, and economic impacts on partner families and other stakeholders such as neighbors, volunteers, and donors on the community.   The vast majority of partner families included in this survey are first-time homebuyers and 90% of the households fell into very low- income or low-income categories.

Habitat for Humanity is a proven program in the fight against substandard living conditions. By providing affordable homeownership opportunities, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity helps provide the stability and security needed for families to move from substandard living conditions to safe, sturdy, energy efficient, affordable homes.

Thanks to the graduate students at the University of Houston – Clear Lake School of Business for conducting the impact study.



BAHFH injected into the area economy


Habitat homeowners paid in property taxes from 2008-2012


Average total Market Value of a Habitat home


Volunteers engaged in construction and non-construction activities


Agree their children now feel better about themselves


Would recommend Habitat as a good way to improve quality of life



More willing to take care of house and yard


Report a better relationship with their children since moving into their home


Don’t need to see a doctor or other healthcare provider as often


Feel safe in home at night


Spouse or self have been able to continue or pursue additional education


Have obtained a better job


Have received a raise at work


Feel better ability to lower non-mortgage debt


Children’s behavioral problems are better


Before Owning Home

After Owning Home

Food Stamps








Habitat homeowners rated the quality is much better


Felt their financial situation is significantly better


Could not have owned my home without help from Habitat


Take more pride in my neighborhood now that I have a Habitat home


Feel   better about their ability to cover a large unexpected bill


As   a habitat homeowner, feel welcomed by my neighbors


Learned   the importance of home maintenance and repairs


Commute   time to work is better


Better   able to cook at home and not eating out as much



Their children go to school better prepared


Children now want to do well in school


Children are now better at reading.


School is now more important to their children.


Feel they are better able to save for the future


Their children’s nutritional habits and choices are better.


Significant areas are:


  • An important and typically expensive cost in any home is the overall utility cost. With reasonable energy efficient appliances and good insulation in the new homes  53% of the participants noted that their utility cost was Better to Much Better than previous housing.
  • Curb appeal has much to do with the appearance of any home. With nicely arranged shrubbery and great color scheme 65% of the new owners noted that Landscaping and outside quality was Much Better to Better than previous housing.
  • The ability for a family to have time eating a meal together in their home is very important. This gives families time to discuss important issues of the day. Participants noted that 54% were Much Better than before and 33%  Better than their previous environment.
  • Any Family wants to feel SAFE in their neighborhood and home. It’s a quality of life      that all families want to achieve. In the study 25% noted they were Much Better and another 25% noting they were Better than their previous housing.
  • Habitat for  Humanity tries to provide homes in neighborhoods where home owners can associate with their neighbors and develop good quality friendship.  Overall 56% of the homeowners noted Much Better to Better friend or  neighbor relationships than in previous housing.
  • With home ownership one typically finds that budgeting and the ability to manage finances are a challenge and with any challenge typically comes improvements.   Our home owners have said their ability to handle family finances and pay bills on time were 59% Much Better to Better than before.
  • Developing  relationships is an important part of any family or individual’s life.  Being a part of the BAHFH family helped in improved community  relationships and activities. 20% of our homeowners noted they were Much Better and a whopping 67% Better in these areas than in the past.
  • Owning a  home and providing a “roof over the family’s head” is very important to  any family. 93% of our homeowners noted they would not have been able to own their own home without the help from Habitat for Humanity.