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Family Testimonials

Decent housing is associated with a greater quality of life. Habitat for Humanity Partner Families know this firsthand.

  • “I was tired of renting things that would never be mine…I am so happy to have a permanent place to call my own.” -Kristina Alvarez
  • “I will finally be able to say I can go home, and it will not be someone else’s house I am paying monthly rent to.” -Regina Reiley

Donor Testimonials

The old saying goes: ’tis better to give than to receive’. Well, when it comes to Habitat for Humanity, our donors know that when they give, they also receive much in return: the great feeling of helping someone in need and the opportunity to completely change someone’s life for the better.

  • “One of the most amazing things about [the…] experience is that even though we have yet to swing our first hammer at the site, our office is already buzzing with ideas on how we will top everything next year!”     -Melissa Chaviers
  • “Habitat for Humanity is putting in homes hard-working individuals who normally would not have that opportunity.”                                                                                                                                                                                  -Tom Mosier
  • “It’s [Habitat for Humanity] turning the neighborhood around.”                                                                                              -Tom Mosier

Volunteer Testimonials

Habitat for Humanity has been known to spread cheer to more than just its Partner Families. Volunteers all over the world have shared a stronger sense of community, pride, self-worth and compassion after volunteering with a Habitat affiliate.

  • “It was very rewarding to watch her [the soon-to-be owner] walk up and admire one of the walls we built.”  -Jonas Moe
  • “Everybody was enriched by the build. We all came together. We had people painting, hammering and really coming together…It was a job that everybody shared in. ”   -Tim Strehl
  • “Lot’s of folks are coming out and bringing their families…they’ve all been able to meet their neighbors and help one another out.”   -Beth Dombrowa