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On the morning of Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Bay Area Habitat hosted our annual community breakfast at Lakewood Yacht Club. We invited important members of our community to join us in enjoying a meal and learning about our mission. It was so heartwarming seeing so many people take the time out of their busy morning to come together with the shared interest of learning about our organization. We are able to build affordable housing through the support of our community and we are grateful for every contribution we receive — whether it be one’s time, talents, or treasures.

Thank you to our speakers for such a beautifully executed program:

  • Scott Stillman, Board Vice President
  • Mike McCroskey, Board Member
  • Philip Golden, Executive Director
  • Alice Keener, Future Habitat Homeowner
  • Dr. William “Bill” Daly, Lead Construction Volunteer
  • Haley Svrcek, Board Secretary
  • John Basil, Board Member

Even after 30 years of serving the community, we still see a need for affordable housing, and are still met with hard-working volunteers and generous donors. We hope that our program and our speakers’ testimonies resonated with our guests. Everyone deserves a decent place to live and having a stable home can make all the difference in one’s life.

Volunteering means doing more than you have to do, because you want to do it.

Bill DalyLead Construction Volunteer