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From our international partner Costa Rica…
“On the first day we found ourselves with a clean lot ready to be worked on, but at the time we had no idea of the work that awaited us. However, we were eager to work in order to build a better home for the Barreto Víquez family. Upon arrival, the family received us very kindly, and that was the beginning of a cordial and cooperative relationship established between the family and the various work teams throughout the 10 days that we were in the project. For us, it was impressive to see the day to day progress, our work was advancing and little by little transforming into a home. It was very satisfying for all the employees to see that their work was making this possible.
Participating in this experience reinforced to us the importance of teamwork, as expressed by one of our colleagues: “Personally, it brought me much joy and hope. Moreover, working with the same companions strengthened our interpersonal relationships and teamwork”, Glenda Gamboa, EPA headquarters. This experience allowed us to get to know each other a bit more. It also helped us understand the potential we have as a team and as a company to create positive changes in the communities where we live and work. As a team, it was a very enriching experience, because with our work we all contributed our part to fulfill the dream of a family which from the beginning was really committed to the process. In total, for this project, we m

Finally, we give thanks to everyone for working not only with their hands and effort, but with their heart as well, andobilized 82 employees 
to Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica, for giving us the opportunity to participate in an amazing dream that became reality.” 
-Testimony of EPA employees.