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My name is Alice Hatter Keener. I grew up in La Porte, Texas. I moved there with my mother, sister, and brothers in 1966. I went to De Walt Elementary and graduated from La Porte High School in 1975. I have also attended San Jacinto Central College. I have two grown adult children and two grandchildren. Currently, I work for the City of La Porte as an EMS Billing Specialist. I have great love for La Porte, and I wouldn’t think of living anywhere else. I enjoy working for the city because my co-workers are like my family. When we moved to La Porte, it was not like any other place. I found a great group of friends and I have learned a lot while working my sweat equity hours. The group of representatives from Habitat are warm and encouraging.

The place I currently live in was at one time a beautiful apartment complex, but a few years ago, a young man was shot in the courtyard, and drug dealers were on the other side of the fence. My apartment complex was no longer safe. I heard about Habitat and went to one of their meetings. I didn’t believe I could qualify because I don’t have a big family. However, the God I serve told me to step out on faith. I was denied the first time, but then received a package from Habitat offering me counseling on homeownership through the United Way. I am so elated to be on my way to moving into my own home. Owning this home at my age is a blessing in so many ways, especially knowing that my grandson Deandre will have a safe place he can call home. This process has given me an opportunity to meet so many beautiful people who are eager to help. Thank you, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, for all you do!