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Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks! I can’t believe everything is finally settling back in.

We moved into our new office last Thursday. All last week was spent packing, unpacking, painting, cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, and hauling heavy pieces of furniture around Dickinson. Thanks to great support from homeowners and some awesome volunteers, it all went smoothly…EXCEPT for the internet transition. Our servers and network connections were down for a whole week! But we’re finally back online!!!

So, sorry to our dedicated online followers. We weren’t ignoring you; we just had no way to reach you! But never fear! Now that we have everything under control, we will be blogging, facebooking, tweeting, and updating our webiste on a daily basis!

As part of that, if there is anyone out there who has any great, personal Habitat stories that they would like to share with the online world, e-mail us: We would love to share your stories, comments, praises, concerns, etc..

Thank you again to all of the volunteers, homeowners, and friends who helped with the move! A big thanks to Joe Jones for running all of the wire and making it possible for us to have phones and electricity, and to Bev and Pete Trivanovich, our affiliate manager and her husband (the computer guy!), for staying late and working diligilently so that we could get back online and access all of our important documents! We are unbelievably blessed with the most amazing staff, funders, volunteers, and partner families!

From the bottom of our hearts (and the tips of our fingers)…THANK YOU!