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Ho Ho Ho! The Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Santa delivers: three new houses for three amazing families this Christmas!

Last Friday, after months of hard work from thousands of volunteers, and donations from fabulous and caring members of the community, the Ordonez, Viera, and Burns Families each received the keys to their new homes on Florida Street! It certainly was a time to celebrate, and celebrate we did. Volunteers, donors, friends and family were “dancing in the street” (which up until that night had no sign, and now is equipped with a street name and a stop sign!). The Habitat staff spoke words of gratitude and appreciation and shared stories of the time it took to fund and build the three homes, the homeowners received the customary gifts of bread, wine, salt, and a Bible, the homes were blessed, and the families got the gift of a lifetime: their own home. While the families took their first looks inside their houses, the rest of the crowd enjoyed hot chocolate, chili, hot smokies, and homemade tamales, while the choir from Whitcomb Elementary School sung carols. In front of the now 5 homes on the street, which were decorated with Christmas lights and handmade wood cutouts (Thanks to Tommy’s girls!), the site turned into a magical Winter Wonderland (minus the snow, of course)! We couldn’t have asked for a better night.

It has been an amazing few months, working alongside our newest homeowners and getting to know them and their families. The end result is not just a house constructed with wood and nails. It’s a home for someone who has worked so hard to have what they have and who cares so much for their family that they are willing to do what it takes to give them the best future they possibly can. We are so lucky to be able to be a part of helping them do that. And this year, we got to do it 3 more times! I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present than to see these families cry tears of joy as they opened their doors for the first time.

We love you Amber, Salvador, Sarah, Jacob, Pedro, Cassandra, Pedro Jr., Jonathan, Sariah, Jackie, Ta-Shea, and Delvin. Thank you for making this a Christmas we’ll never forget.

God Bless.