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My name is Dianna Lee Edwards. I grew up in Dickinson, Texas and completed high school May 28, 1970. I left the home of my mother at age 18 to live with family in Houston, Texas and attended a vocational school. I am single with no children, but I do have nephews, nieces, grandnephews, and grandnieces. Summer of 2012, I returned to Dickinson, which had been a long-term goal. I gravitated to being home, which brought me closer to several of my sisters and church family.

At present I work as a substance abuse counselor at a prison located in Dayton, Texas. I have an abundant of passion for the population I serve. I also volunteer at the Habitat of Humanity ReStore located in Webster, TX. I enjoy working in the community as part of my sweat equity. It is a joy serving repeated customers who find unbelievable treasuries to take home.

August 2017 was much like any other summer, hot and muggy. August 24 approximately midnight I was awoken by a phone call and informed water had risen and was flowing into the neighbor homes. Due to Hurricane Harvey, the foundation of my home broke and nearly washed away, which caused the house to shift and lean to one side. The slanting of the home allowed for cracks in the walls and the foundation. Rodents found open areas between the walls and became uncontrollable throughout the home. Also, possums were found living between the walls. The pipes under the kitchen sink developed a leak. The flooring under the bathtub shifted and water began running from under the bathtub.

I applied to Bay Area Habitat for a new home and I was approved. I am elated to move into my new home later this year located in Texas City, Texas.