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 CantuFamiliyThis past week, the Cantu family made their last mortgage payment! They have never missed a payment since moving into their Habitat home in 1998. Before they came to BAHFH, they were renting an apartment. They struggled with space as well as finances. The apartment was too small to accommodate their large family Juan, his wife, San Juanita, and their five children. When they were informed they qualified for a house, they were overjoyed and immediately began the necessary preparations.
Through the financial literacy courses Habitat for Humanity offers, the family learned better ways to save money and have been able to save a lot since then. Since moving into their Habitat home, Juan received a raise in his new job as a pipe feeder for PWS.  As they continued to make payments for their home over the years, they decided to save up and buy a new home. Today living in their new home, they continue to apply the same principles they learned during their time partnering with Habitat.
By experiencing the construction of their house first hand they were able to learn about home maintenance so that they could take care of their home after it was built. Using their construction knowledge, they were able to build a deck and put in tile for their new home. San Juanita also planted an exquisite garden, something that she would not have been able to do living in an apartment. It brings her great joy to be able to provide fresh produce for her family and even save on grocery expenses as a result!
Even now, fourteen years later, San Juanita can remember the joy she felt receiving her first home as if it was yesterday. She is so grateful for the opportunity to raise her children in a safe and loving environment that an apartment couldn’t provide. She continues to thank God and the Habitat for Humanity volunteers for all of the blessings and opportunities she has received since then.

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