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This week we recieved news from our global engagment partner Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica! Here is the incredible story of Eduardo Bermudez…
“Eduardo Bermudez and Porfiria Blanco migrated from Nicaragua to Costa Rica when they were very young with the purpose of escaping their country that was struggling through rough economic times, to find better opportunities for a brighter future.
Years later, they both met and today, after fifteen years of hard work and being together as a couple, their situation hasn’t changed much. They have four young children but they haven’t been able to afford an adequate place to live, they haven’t been able to have a home of their own.
Initially, they rented a house in Batan, Limón, then, they moved to Paso Ancho, San Jose, where they rented a room for 5 years. They were able to afford this room thanks to Mrs. Porfiria’s income as a house maid and Eduardo’s income a construction worker.
After living for six months in the house of the father of Eduardo’s boss in Santa Elena at La Cruz, Guanacaste, he gave them the land, and with his own hands and a few construction materials they managed to buy (twelve years ago), they were able to build a house with minimum, security and sanitation.
The situation of this family is very difficult. Due to the lack of job openings in the area, this father usually spends a lot of time away from home; he constantly travels to San Jose or its surrounding areas where the chances of being hired and work are bigger.
The Porfirria family has always worked hard and struggled to move forward, Mrs. Porfirria is the best example of this; her persistence led her to learn how to read and write, and nowadays, she is enrolled in a community program and all of her children are currently in enrolled in school.
As one of the lucky families who’s benefiting from Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica’s project called “Santa Elena”, this family will not only be able to live peacefully in an beautiful, clean home, but they will be able to see the fruit of their have work and faith in the roof that will protect their home and a better future to come!