Gillmore Family

By April 28, 2018Past Family Stories

Tiffany is the single mother of three who is buying the house through lots of sweat equity and a no-interest mortgage that will actually help fund the next Habitat House. She moved here a couple of years ago from Shreveport, LA to try and give her children a better life, and she’s so excited to be putting them in a home of their own.  Tiffany’s mother and grandmother moved as well so they could stay close to everyone.  The kids are 16, 12 and 10 with the middle child being the girl, “The other mother” in the family as Tiffany calls her. Can’t you just see the new life beginning to take shape for Tiffany and her children?  Theirs is just one story.  There are 74 more like them due to Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, and over 300,000 around the world thanks to Habitat International.