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On Saturday, August 20, 2022, OxyChem volunteers visited our La Porte site to assist us in the installation of sheathing. We were lucky enough to have 20 eager volunteers, and with their skills, ambition, and hard work, we were able to complete this activity in just three hours!

Our future Habitat homeowner, Alice Keener, was also in attendance. She had the chance to meet some of the people who are building her home and it was wonderful seeing the connections that are made through volunteerism.

Additionally, OxyChem made a very gracious donation of $5,000! We cannot express how grateful we are to receive this contribution.

Bay Area Habitat strives to create a better community by providing affordable housing. Actions such as donating, volunteering, and sharing our mission with others, helps us reach that goal. Thank you to our La Porte crew, our OxyChem volunteers, and Alice, for such a lovely build-day.

Learn more about OxyChem here.