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My name is Jessica Mata. Being a teenage mother has brought me lots of joy, happiness, and love. It has also brought me some hardships in my life. After graduating high school, I worked and went to school to support my family. I moved out of my parents’ house on my own to give my girls their own space. Struggling to stay focused in school with two mouths to feed, I chose to take a break from school and started working two jobs to support my girls and not fall behind on bills in my newly found independence. Months turned into years, and after living and supporting my family for 5 years on my own, it seemed like all my hard work had been flushed away.

In August 2017, I lost my home, my car, and everything I had worked for to Hurricane Harvey. After losing everything, I had no other choice but to move back with my parents and start over. That’s when I found Habitat for Humanity. I found homeownership program to be the best option for me and my family through our hardship which I know I couldn’t do alone. I’m grateful for the opportunity to become a homeowner, finally! and thankful for everyone that helped make this possible. Thank you BAHFH for making our dream a reality.