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I’m a Galveston County native and mother to an 11-year-old daughter. My daughter and I had been bouncing from one apartment to another trying to find an economical and safe place to live without much luck. The apartment we currently reside in is not safe for children. I keep my daughter from going outside and riding her bike due to the fear of her getting hurt or worse. My daughter’s safety is the biggest concern. Even though the rent is high, the complex is still not a safe place for us.

I prayed every day for a miracle, and then one day, I learned about Habitat from a coworker. She shared her information and encouraged me to apply. Even after applying, I was still skeptical. I thought the process would take a long time and my application would get declined. In a few days, I received a phone call and was congratulated for being approved by the board. I was shocked and speechless. I could not believe my ears and kept thanking God and Habitat for answering prayers. I am thankful to everyone who has worked hard to make my dream come true.

Thank you, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, for all you do. GOD BLESS!