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Mary Kay Representative, Laura Santos, approached Bay Area Habitat for Humanity with an AMAZING opportunity!…

Mary Kay has decided to hold a contest in which the main prize is a FULL House Sponsorship for an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. This is a HUGE deal! Our homes cost approximately $65,000 to build, and initial funding is not easy to come by. Having the security of knowing someone will sponsor an entire build allows us to continue our mission of building homes in partnership with hard-working, low-income families in our community with more hope and less stress!

We can accomplish this by having as many women as possible agree to get “made-over”.

Laura has been amazing in organizing groups and striving to have as many women as she can sign up for this opportunity to help.

The cost to enter: 15 minutes of your time and the willingness to have your “before and after” photos reviewed by a small panel of judges.

What you receive: A FREE Mary Kay makeover, entry into the individual grand prize of a $2500 vacation getaway and $2500 to donate to the charity of your choice, and the chance to offer a life-changing opportunity to a homeless family in your community.

There is no obligation to buy any Mary Kay products, and your photos will not be shared with anyone who is not connected to the judging of the contest.

“Getting Beautiful” has never been so easy and so rewarding!

To “Get Beautfiul” and give back, please join us at our “Mary Kay Makeover Event” scheduled for next Friday, June 10, from 11am-6pm.

Location: TBA (tentatively League City United Methodist)

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Laura Santos:

All other questions, comments, and concerns, please contact the BAHFH office:

We Need YOU! Won’t you help?