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Meet the newest member of the BAHFH team: SAM
He’s a Beta Fish, and he is happy to be the new Bay Area-Houston
Habtiat for Humanity Mascot!
Donning the Habitat colors, blue and green, we knew Sam would be a perfect fit from the start.
He enjoys spending time in his “habitat”, swimming, eating,
and making “fish faces”.
Since Sam has been in the office, we have seen employee work production increase by 110%.

“He is such a joy to have around. Everyone smiles a little more, works a little harder. Just fantastic. What a fish!” Tom Gongora, our Construction Manager, commented on Sam’s arrival.

If you would like to meet Sam and welcome him to the area, feel free to stop by the office anytime between 8:30 am and 5 pm, Monday thru Friday.