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Thank you to those who attended Yesenia Plancarte’s home dedication on Tuesday, June 21, 2022! Having family, friends, and neighbors stop by to show their support was a wonderful way to welcome Yesenia to the neighborhood.

Thank you to those who participated in our program:

Welcome – Philip Golden, BAHFH Executive Director
National Anthem – Emmanuel Acevedo, Trumpet
Invocation – Greg Goodman
Gift of Bread – Cassidy Huynh
Gift of Wine – Marge Ellison
Gift of Salt – Haley Svrcek
Gift of The Bible – Greg Goodman
Transfer of Key – Bill Daly
La Porte Community – Mayor Louis Rigby
Response by Homeowner – Yesenia Plancarte
Blessing of the Home – John Basil
Bless This House – Sung by Nicole Gray & Halle Goodman
Closing Remarks – Philip Golden

We would also like to thank Randall’s for donating the refreshments, as well as a housewarming plant.

Bay Area Habitat is grateful to be part of Yesenia’s journey towards homeownership. She has overcome many obstacles to get where she is, and we are proud to have her as a family partner! We are able to provide affordable housing because of our board, volunteers, donors, and more. Thank you for your endless support!

I am beyond thankful for the family at BAHFH who have become my family. You all have worked so selflessly to give me hope in knowing that my future children will not suffer instability and home insecurity. I am grateful that I will be able to offer my children a safe place to live filled with joy, love, and safety. Thank you!

Yesenia PlancarteHabitat Homeowner