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Bay Area Habitat for Humanity’s newest homeowners’ Kevin and Maria Hamlin have three children of their own, and two children adopted from a broken family. Though they struggle to make ends meet, they have always put the well-being of their children first. For a family who never hestiates to provide for others, what a blessing it is to see our collaborative efforts lavish upon a family the gift of a brighter future!

Mother Theresa says, “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” This rings true for all the selfless volunteers who labor through  hours of sweat to build each Habitat home. The Hamlin family will live in a home blessed by the work of people who see the importance of family, and community-centered work driven by love.

Special Thanks to those who made all of this possible, our team of faithful “Regulars” and the 2011 Aerospace Build partners Boeing, ERC, Jacobs ESCG, Bastion Technologies, Booz Allen Hamilton, DB Consulting, NASA volunteers, USA, Wyle, Lockheed Martin, Barrios and MEI Technologies.