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Three years ago, Francisco & Obdulia Ortiz’s League Cityhome was destroyed by a house fire – all that remained was a shed structure at the rear of the property. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire; however, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, along with their children, now had no where to live. While living in a small apartment, the Ortiz family applied for a Bay Area Habitat for Humanity home, and they were accepted. In September 2009, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz moved into their new Habitat home in Dickinson,Texas.

Today, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz’s daughter, Maria, and her family live in the remaining structure on the family’s League City property. While they are grateful to have a roof over their heads, Kevin, Maria, and their 5 children, are cramped and uncomfortable in the one bedroom, one bathroom structure. Four of their children sleep together on a single bunk bed, while Kevin, Maria and their youngest son sleep on the sofa in the living area. The house lacks structural integrity; therefore, when a bad weather is predicted, the family must vacate for their safety. Kevin and Maria wish for a better home to raise their family, but are torn when it comes to leaving the family property that they love. With help and advice from Maria’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, the Hamlin family also applied for a Habitat home – and they were accepted into the program in July of 2011.

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity will complete a 5-bedroom home for the Hamlin family April 2012. Kevin, Maria, and their children could not be more excited. When asked how she felt about getting a new house, Alexis, the Hamlin’s 7-year old daughter, responded, “I’m so excited about getting my pink room! My brothers will not be allowed.”