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Bay Area Habitat’s There’s No Place Like Home Gala

On Saturday, November 12, at the South Shore Harbour Resort, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity celebrated our annual fundraising gala There’s No Place Like Home. The goal of this event was to share our mission, show appreciation to those who have contributed to our cause in any way, reflect on what we’ve accomplished this past year, and highlight the achievements we want to make moving forward. We raised over $80,000 that evening!

The night began with a cocktail hour in the foyer of South Shore Harbour’s Crystal Ballroom. We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and background music played by our talented string quintet. Following the cocktail hour, our guests entered the Crystal Ballroom, where they browsed our auction items and found their seats.

While our guests ate, some beautiful songs were sung, we heard testimonies from homeowners, special guest Brian Brooks gave a speech, and our Executive Director and board members spoke more on why we give and the impact of people’s contributions.

During our program, we also recognized Dr. Bill Daly & Steve Regan as our Volunteers of the Year. They have dedicated so much time and effort into our organization and we could not be more grateful for them. Bay Area Habitat is continuously amazed by our community’s support and willingness to participate.

Bay Area Habitat would also like to thank those who made this event happen:

Gala Committee: Marge Ellison, Page Rander, Philip Golden, Greg Goodman, Cassidy Huynh, Jan Simpson, Cynthia Smith, Scott Stillman

BAHFH Staff: Philip Golden, Aslan Barazi, Cassidy Huynh, Jan Simpson

BAHFH Board of Directors: Greg Goodman, Scott Stillman, Haley Svrcek, Elaine Rister, John Basil, Marge Ellison, Abe Gallagher, Todd Hinz, Mike McCroskey, Page Rander, Steve Regan, Russ Rhodes, Julio Rodriguez, Betsy Salbilla

Photography: Don Smith

Videography: Adam Presley

DJ: Joseph Mire

Speakers: John Basil, Brian Brooks, Mike McCroskey, Philip Golden, Greg Goodman, Alice Keener, Yesenia Plancarte, Julio Rodriguez, Haley Svrcek,

String Quintet: Tom Dinardis, Liam Ramsey-White, Renee Wang, Marissa Merritt, Dennis Whittaker

Vocalists: Kiley Phillips, Skyla Ladsonnenburg, Luke Lawrence, Brandon Falknor

Pianist: Bob Simpson

Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre: Isabella Klemowits, Madison Merrill, Hailey Pearson, Ella Radigan

Centerpieces: Randall’s

Your participation is what allows us to continue building affordable housing in our community. We have built over 175 homes these past thirty-one years, and we are proud to build strong families and neighborhoods. People don’t want a handout; they want a hand up — because everyone deserves a decent place to live.

Please consider joining our mission by volunteering or making a donation! We need your talents, support, and resources in order to make a difference.