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A big thank you to the volunteer team who came out last Friday from United Health Care! United Health Care has been a committed partner with Bay Area-Houston Habitat for Humanity for two years now. Working hard at the site, this amazing group of women, led by their fearless boss, Gary, were able to finish a multitude of important jobs. One crew worked up in the heights of the exposed roof of a house, hammering in hurricane clips under the hot sun. Another group worked tirelessly on a different house, painting the siding on the house and shed, and laying grass in the yard. In just a few hours, the property was transformed from basic and raw, to charming and homey!

We had a lot of fun working with this crew, and from the comments we heard, so did they! Many of the women seemed really excited about taking part in our Women Build Project this spring. We hope they do! They have already proved that when a group of women get together, things get done; transformations happen; houses become homes.

Thanks again UHC! We are so happy to have you as part of the BAHFH team!!