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With so many amazing, hard working and dedicated volunteers supporting our affiliate, we really wanted to do something special to let them know how much we truly appreciate them. One day, as we were brainstorming some ideas on how this could best be done, we got a call from Freebird World Burritos, letting us know they were opening a new restaurant and they wanted to partner with our team to do something nice for us and our supporters. How awesome is that?? A total God send. So, last night, Freebird World Burittos on 646 in League City opened their doors to us and lavished our volunteers with all the free wine, beer and burrito’s they could fill their belly’s with! The place was donned in true Freebird style with tin foil decorations, awesome painted murals on the walls and the Freebirds “Mystery Van” out in the parking lot. They also had a rockin’ band (that might have been a little too spirited for some of our long-time regulars, but still wonderful) setting the mood throughout the night, and Guitar Hero set up on a big screen out front. Speeches were made, and gratitude and appreciation showered over everyone. Overall, it will go down in Habitat history as a great success, as people left fed, full and happy 🙂

A big thank you to Freebird’s owners, managers and staff, for hosting the night, and another big thank you to all of our Volunteers! You are all so amazing, and we couldn’t function without you!