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Group Opportunities

Churches, coworkers, family units, and more! Working with your group in a Habitat setting is a great way to build camaraderie. All skill levels welcome! While priority scheduling goes to the sponsors of a home, other groups are scheduled as space allows.


Individual Opportunities

A lot of our volunteer opportunities appear on an as-need basis — oftentimes, we do not have set dates for these volunteer opportunities. If you’re unable to attend the events listed below, but would still like to receive updates about last-minute opportunities, sign up to receive emails about the opportunities that occur!


Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lawn Mower Needed (Must be 16 or older)

We own several lots that require mowing, and it would be appreciated if a volunteer committed to doing that on a weekly/bi-weekly basis! We ask that the volunteer utilize their own mower. Please email

  • La Porte Construction Volunteer (Must be 16 or older)

As of now, construction groups will be on-site Mondays & Wednesdays (8 am – 12 pm), and sometimes Saturdays if interest allows.

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  • Texas City Construction Volunteer Interest Form (Must be 16 or older)

If you live in the Texas City area or are willing to travel there, we are looking for volunteers to work with us on a regular basis! Similar to how our La Porte crew works on their available Mondays & Wednesdays, we would like to create a similar crew in Texas City!

Interest Form