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Leadership Committees

Our committees have a direct impact on some of the big decisions and events at Bay Area Habitat by helping to provide direct service to partner families, as well as planning and organizing fundraisers and fun events.


Group Opportunities

Churches, coworkers, family units and more! Working with your group in a Habitat setting is a great way to build camaraderie. All skill levels welcome! While priority scheduling goes to the sponsors of the home, other groups are scheduled as space allows.


Individual Volunteers

We’re looking for dedicated volunteers with leadership or construction skills, and the willingness to learn how to run a Habitat build site! Help provide an affordable home to a family in need. Additional opportunities include administrative, landscaping and more!


Volunteer Opportunities

Contruction Work

Our construction opportunities appear on an as-need basis — we do not have a set date for when these volunteer opportunities will happen. If you are interested in doing construction work with us, please click here to receive email notifications whenever volunteer opportunities arise.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are our other volunteer opportunities that do not include construction work — such as clean-ups, laying down sod, event assistance, etc. Once you have signed up, we will email you before the event date to go over the event details. If you are unable to attend the events listed below, but would still like to get updates about last-minute opportunities, sign up for our newsletter and you will get regular updates about volunteer opportunities that occur!

Lawn Mower Needed

We own several lots that require mowing and it would be appreciated if a volunteer committed to doing that on a weekly/bi-weekly basis! Please email for more information.