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This past month, three new partner families were selected to join the BAHFH family. Letha Frederick, Betty Hall, and Salvador and Deborah Arrona are excited for the opportunity to work on their sweat equity, build their new homes, and create more stability and a better future for their families. They all have already begun puting hours into building homes for other families in the program.

Letha is a single mother of one teenage son. She struggled this winter living in a trailer with inadequate heating. She is excited to have a home she’s helped build and watched being built, offering her a sense of security in the quality of her home. It will be wonderful to have a place where her son and extended family can feel comfortable staying with her and visiting.

Betty, also a single mother, is working hard to move her two teenage sons and stepfather out of an unsafe neighborhood and a crowded, two-bedroom, mold infested apartment. The boys are happy to be getting their own rooms, and Betty is happy to provide them with a safe living environment.

Salvador and Deborah Arrona are a happily married couple with a special needs daughter. Little Aria is a wonderful girl, who needs extra special care and attention. Her wheelcahir does not make it past the front door of their apartment, and her bedroom is overcrowded, as it doubles as a storage area for her medical supplies. The Arrona’s love their daughter and want very much to finally have a home where she can move around freely and gain as much independence as she possibly can.

If you would like to meet any of these amazing families and learn more about their stories, come volunteer with us at the worksite! We build in Dickinson on Thursdays and Saturdays, and in La Porte every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

For more information, visit our website, or call the office at 281-337-3590.