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Wellby Financial recently donated over $13,000 to our organization in support of our mission to provide affordable housing for those in our community!  Homeownership is a significant step on the path toward financial prosperity, providing avenues for building current and generational wealth. “Financial security starts with having a stable home.”

Wellby is committed to supporting organizations like Bay Area Habitat for Humanity that empower our neighbors to turn their dreams of homeownership into reality. Bay Area Habitat would like to thank Wellby VP of PR & Communications Jennifer Carson, Wellby Executive VP Christie Jordan, and Wellby VP of Community Development and Growth Jonathan Meeks for choosing our organization and taking the time to meet with us. We’d also like to thank Lou Hammond Group Marketing Coordinator Kyra King (not pictured) for facilitating this meeting.

It is because of partnerships such as this, that we are able to do what we do. This contribution means so much to our organization, but more importantly, to our homeowners.

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