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I am Yesenia Plancarte, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I was birthed by my mother Odelia and raised by Mami Raquel. I was the youngest of three siblings and grew up very insecure. Instability was a norm for me and my siblings. I remember moving in and out of apartments and duplexes that were surrounded by high crime, drugs, and gang activity. The need to change schools constantly was unpleasant, but I managed to adapt.

The absence of my father was hurtful, and I struggled with many emotional and personal issues which eventually caused me to be a rebellious pre-teen. Unfortunately, by the age of 14, I found myself strung out on drugs and in the Juvenile Justice system for the first time. My teenage years were broken, uncertain, and my hope for a future and better life was completely lost. But by the Grace of God and loving mercy of Jesus, His power set me free and redeemed me just in time.

By the age of 27, I reached one of my greatest fulfillments and bought my very own car using money I earned working as a server at The Holiday Inn. While working there, I heard about Bay Area Habitat for Humanity and decided to volunteer at its ReStore facility, not knowing that I would become a homeowner in just a few years ahead.

After volunteering for five years, I decided to apply for my own home. My first thought was that I wouldn’t qualify because I didn’t have any children, but this amazing organization gives me HOPE to all. I was approved for my very own home and will be the first generation in my family to own a home!

Today, I am a dedicated servant and giver of love and service to my community! I volunteer working with a wide variety of youth who are facing hard times and need inspiration. I am beyond thankful for the family at BAHFH who have become my family. You all have worked so selflessly to give me hope in knowing that my future children will not suffer instability and home insecurity. I am grateful that I will be able to offer my children a safe place to live filled with joy, love, and safety. Thank you!