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This past Wednesday, an awesome crew from Freebirds Burritos “rolled” onto the worksite in style, ready to get down and dirty with Habitat. The day was muddy and cold, but there were no complaints, as our trusty volunteers moved heavy building materials, hauled large debris to the dumpster, and helped us get our three houses ready to be moved into next Friday!

For lunch, they brought in the truck, and fed us burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers, hot off the grill! The store owners stopped by with donuts for dessert and to take a look around, looking seemingly impressed with our operation.

After lunch, everyone spent a few more hours cleaning up and clearing out. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of volunteers on a cold, blustery day in Dickinson.

Thanks Freebirds!! You Rock!

P.S. Help support the Habitat/Freebird partnership by eating at the Freebirds Burrito’s Grand Opening on 646 (by the Lowes), on Tuesday, December 14th. A portion of the proceeds for the day will be donated to the Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Affiliate. Stop by and get your burrito on!